4-17-10 Mini Reunion

April 17, 2010, 18 DHS classmates from  the class of '61,  plus spouses and friends gathered at the 5th Quarter Sports Bar and Grill in Verona.  Everyone left around 6pm to get to the Kohl Center for the Varsity Spring Band Concert.  Those attending were Lee, Dick J, Larry L, Larry N, Gary B, Ruth, Elise, Jan, Dick B, Jim, Cathy, Jackie, Kathy, Karen, Sue, Dianne, Dave E, and Gary S.


POST-MORTEM NOTES  for Mini Reunion and Concert

Thanks Gary for putting together a great get-to-gether on Saturday.
Your choice of restaurants/meeting room and the UW Band concert were a good combination and setting for conversation.
I was suprised that I recognized and remembered so many of the class.  It was January of 1960 that I last saw anyone from the class!  I am so pleased that inspite of deserting the ship before we graduated, I was welcomed back warmly.  My wife was also impressed that anyone remembered me.  She made the best of the situation considering that she knew no-one but she did find several of the gals to talk to that had some things in common with her joint replacements and plenty of stories about raising a family.
The concert was quite overwhelming.  Other than the excessive volume which bent or broke 435 fine nerve endings in my inner ear........... I enjoyed the showmanship of Mike LeCrone and company.  It was an amazing production with spit second timing.  The band deserves many accolades for all of the hard work that they put into the show.
I was talking with Dr. Paul Peercy at dinner and we discussed the possibility of including a tour of the UW campus earlier in the day in the fall or next year before this concert.  I especially enjoyed the conversation with Cathy and Paul and found him to be so knowledgeable yet willing to share his insights with the rest of us. 
I am also indebted to Sue W. who somehow found my address and sent me a card to invite me to participate.
You and your web site are unique and I was glad that the class was helpful in providing you with some cash to at least cover part of the web site cost.  You are doing some amazing things with those harnessed electrons on the screen.
Kathy and I will definitely participate in future DHS-61 activities.
Thanks again.
Larry Lemmert
p.s.    You da man Gary!!!
Thank you again for getting such good seats and for getting us all together, it was a wonderful evening and hopfully we can do it again next year it was great and so good to see everyone.
thanks so much.
Jackie Heuer
Thank's for organizing the gathering last Saturday. We had a great time!
Dick Blotz
Great get-together! Thanks for everything Gary.
Sue White

It was a blast to see some new faces attending and some faces we are getting to know better & better at each reunion (mini or 10/5 year increments).  Gary put a lot of work into getting and keeping us all organized and on schedule.  Unfortunately there is never enough time to talk to everyone as much as we'd like.  The afternoon and evening were over in a flash!  The UW Marching Band's Spring Concert was a listening & visual experience we won't soon forget (if ever).  The seats were primo.   I want to thank Gary and anyone else who worked with him to make this event happen!  It was a fun time!

 Jan Smith
Great reunion!  Fun and so good to see everyone.  Thanks, Gary!
Karen Loomis

I think everyone had a good time as can be seen from the following photos.

(Click on the first photo to enlarge and start the slide show, photo changes about every 7-8 seconds.)

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