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Barbara Penfield

Barbara Penfield



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05/10/09 04:12 PM #1    

Larry Nelson

I was able to attend Barb's funeral and I met Janet, Cathy, and Ruth. They, of course, had planned to attend but I just took the opportunity about an hour before the funeral. I am glad I did. She was “Barb”, a superb athlete and a competitor. As Cathy said, the first to be chosen for alternate selection of teams for athletic events.

Larry D. Nelson

07/04/09 09:42 PM #2    

Susan Stratman (White)

I wasn't able to attend the funeral, but went to the Wake the night before. I recognized Art, Barb's brother, right away. He looks just like his dad, the barber. We talked about some of the parties that we had at Barb's house. I remember one night we got on the phone and just dialed random phone numbers (that was when we had 4-numbers, so we could just dial anything) and had corny jokes like "Is your refrigerator running?" After they answered 'yes' we responded with "You better go catch it."
I suggested that we call my number and someone (not me) asked "Is Red there?" Mom was supposed to say, "Red Who?" and our response was "Red Pepper, ain't that a hot one?"....only my Mom turned to my Dad and said, "Ort, I think this is for you." He had reddish hair, and I guess Mom thought that someone way back years ago might have given him a nickname that she didn't know about.
I remember another time a big group of us were sitting around a table in the corner and we were playing a game by taking turns going around the circle, naming brands or kinds of liquor in alphabetical order. Now mind you we were not drinking, only naming names of liquor. I knew NOTHING about liquor at all, and when it got to me my letter was 'J'. I had no idea....couldn't even guess at a name. Someone whispered "Jack Daniels" to me, and I thought that was the craziest name anyone could ever give to liquor. I thought they were pulling my leg.
Strange the memories we retain.

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