In Memory

Thomas Laneville

Thomas Laneville

Tom had changed his name to Tomus, and  he had passed away on Dec.29, 2009 of a brain tumor. 

Below is a note Sue received from Tom's friend, dated 6-2-2011.

There was no obituary for Tom. He left a Will and that was one of the requests.

Tom was a quiet man and didn't have many friends. Connie Rapp worked with him for about eight years. After Tom's wife died he went to work for the Parks as a night auditor in Utah. Tom moved to Mancos, Colorado in 1997 where he went to work at Mesa Verde National Park as the night auditor where Connie met him. She was the bookkeeper and Tom was her auditor. After his Mother died, Connie would invite Tom over to her house for all holidays. She moved away in 2005, but kept in contact with Tom. He left all his belongings to her along with instructions for his final resting place.

 Tom was cremated and his ashes spread at Mesa Verde National Park. Connie made a special trip to Colorado in January 2010 to follow through with his wishes. Tom now is resting at the Park he loved.